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A Quick Guide on Blooms Taxonomy Apps for iPad

iPad is a promising mobile gadget in education. It has already started revolutionizing the way instruction is delivered .Some schools, particularly in the United States and Canada,have taken the initiative and commenced to employ the iPad as a learning and teaching tool . Although it is too early to talk about any scientific studies confirming the educational usability of this tablet , yet it would be unfair to ignore its prevalent use among students and teachers.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is strongly committed to helping teachers and educators make the maximum benefit from iPad by providing reviews of free educational apps covering different areas such as : storytelling, video editing, professional development,,   presentation apps and many more. Today, however, we are presnting to you a work we have been laboriously working on for quite some time. It is about Blooms Taxonomy apps for the iPad. We have come up with apps relevant to each thinking level in this taxonomy.We have selected only the featured apps in each category which means that there are more apps to include but the ones we have mentioned are among the best. We have also based part of this work on this post.

Just a little reminder, Blooms HOTS ( higher order thinking skills ) are : Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating. If you are not familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy I recommend that you read : Everything you Need to Know about Bloom's Taxonomy .

Here are the apps according to the HOTS mentioned above :

1- Remembering

 A- eClicker

 B- Flashcards Deluxe

 C- A Life Cycle App

 D- Blog Writer

 E- Evernote Peek

 F- iBooks

2- Understanding

 A- Idea  Flight

B- 123 Chart Free

 C- Group Board

 D- Penultimate

2- Applying

 A- Replay Note

 B- Mind Blowing

 C- Screen Chomp

 D- Tweet Board


 A- Power Docs

B- Data Analysis

C- Stats Mate

D- Live Notes

E- Quick Office

4- Evaluate

 A-  iBrainstorm

 B- Mind Mash

 C- Scratch Work

D- Map Projector

 E- Five Free Collaborative Whiteboards

5- Create

A- iMovie

B  - Adobe Ideas

C- Build A Story

D- Do Ink Animation and Drawing

E- Animoto Videos

F- Toontastic

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