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8 YouTube Applications you Should Definitely Try

YouTube has definitely improved our video viewing experience giving us way more liberty to interact with videos and share them with others. Several web tools have been designed for the sole purpose of honing the power of this video platform into education and as a result educators are equipped with a great arsenal of educational tools  to work on YouTube.

Today, however, we are introducing you to another set of YouTube tools that you might not have heard of before but that will assuredly help you make the maximum benefit from YouTube Videos. These are basically Chrome extensions that allow users to perform several tasks on YouTube and right from their browser. Check them out :

1-  YouTube Feed

YouTube Feed extension notifies you whenever new videos are available in your YouTube homepage feed. These are videos your friends or subscriptions have uploaded, favorited, liked commented on etc.

2- YouTube Ratings Preview

This extension displays a bar of likes and dislikes under every video snapshot, just like the official one. In this way, you can view the rating of the videos before watching the actual video, so that you can avoid garbage and spot amazing ones.

3- Toggle Comments

Comments are hidden by default, but can be toggled on/off with the ' comments' button, which is to the right of the embed button.

4- Auto Replay for YouTube

This extension adds an auto replay checkbox in YouTube video page. You can also select a portion of the video to be auto replayed.. YouTube HTML 5 supported.

5- YouTube Volume Controller

This is a simple extension that gives you control over YouTube via a toolbar button.

6- Picture-in-Picture for YouTube

Docks YouTube videos to the corner of the screen allowing seemless browsing between tabs and applications.

7- Window Expand for YouTube

The Window Expander for YouTube maximizes YouTube videos in the web browser eliminating all white space and other texts.

8- Turn Off The Lights

With one click on the lamp button, the page will be fading to dark, and automatic focus to the video. Click again, the page will return back as normal

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