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8 Free Tools to Easily and Instantly Create Videos in The Cloud

Creating videos and using them with students in the classroom is an important skill of the 21st century teacher. Some educators wrongly think that making a video requires  software download and advanced video editing skills, a claim which has been rebutted by web 2.0 technologies. There are now several online and web-based tools where one can easily and simply create a video and share it with others. These tools do   not need any software installation and , most of the time, needs only a quick and free sign up.

To help teachers and educators make the maximum benefit from such web technologies, I have compiled a list of some useful tools for this purpose. Check it out :

1- Animoto

 Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and music into awesome videos to share with others. No software download is needed.

2- Masher

This is another great video tool that allows users to easily create videos by mixing video clips, music tracks, and photos and all for free. No software download needed.

3- WeVideo

WeVideo allows users to upload their video clips and photos and to create storylines and edit them online. It has both a pro and free versions and no sofotware installation is required.

4- Stupeflix

Stupeflix lets you create videos by mixing photos, clips, and music. This is one of the easiest video platforms online and does not require any sftware download.

5- Flixtime

Flixtime turns your photos and videos into stunning and unique videos in just minutes. It requires a sign up 

6- Knowmia

Knowmia is a great website that offers thousands of video lessons from great teachers around the world. It is also a platofrm where teachers can use simple and easy tools to create and personalize short  video lessons for students of their own school. These video lessons are made instantly available on Knowmia along with other lessons from all over the web and anyone can view and access them.

7- Go Animate

Go Animate is a great video tool that allows its users to create awesome animations for free.If you are looking for a way to create a training video, an animated clip about a certain concept for your students, a demostration of a physical formula, then try Go Animate.

8- Clip Generator

Clipgenerator is a great video tool that allows its users to easily create their own video clips. It can be used to compile professional slide shows from your photos, texts and music. There is also a set of automated animations and film clips compiled by professional designers and perfectly tuned to the music for you to include in your digital video creations.

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