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5 Important New Web Tools for Educators

Part of our job here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is to help you explore and discover the best free web tools to use both in your instruction and for your professional development.Often times we would publish a list of the recent new tools we stumble upon online and because of our time constraints , we are unable to cover each tool in a single post therefore we assemble them in one article with a short description attached to each one of them to help you learn about the tool before you click on it.

Today, we have compiled another list of some awesome tools that you can use for educational purposes. Check out the list below and tell us what you think about them :

1- Vizify

This is an awesome new tool that allow users to create visual representation of their activities in multiple social media sites.Registration is based on invitation. I am adding it to the best mindmapping tools for teachers

2- Stipple

Stipple is a web tool that lets users add annotations to their photos. These annotations can be links to other websites or just plain text. I am adding this to the List of The Best Photo Editing tools for teachers.


This one here allows users to create slideshows using Instagram photos. I am adding it to the best storytelling websites for educators.

4- Wikibrain

This is an interesting brainstorming tool particularly for language learners.

5- Websites Like

Websites Like helps you find similar, related or alternative websites. Just type in the URL of the website you want to check for its resemblances and hit the search button and there you go.

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