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5 Great Free Collaborative Whiteboard Apps for iPad

Collaborative Whiteboards are gaining  more and more ground within our classrooms and if you are lucky enough to have one then you might be enjoying the interactive teaching many  teachers elsewhere miss. These collaborative Whiteboards are great for holding students attention and getting them foucsed on their learning. They are also useful when trying to explain to students hard-to-grasp concepts. Now with the advance of mobile technology, you can even turn these Whiteboards  into  better learning tools with manny iPad apps allowing you to record whatever you are explaining and share your screen with a wider audience in real time. Using such apps can make your students learning way enjoyable then it ever used to be.

Check out this list of some of the best free collaborative Whiteboard  iPad apps .

1- Educreations

whiteboard ipad apps

This free iOS app turns your iPad into a recordable iPad. This is ideal for creating video tutorials and animated lessons. It also offers its users the ability to : record voice, use diagrams, add text to photos, and share through email, Facebook or Twitter.

2- ShowMe
whiteboard ipad apps

This app lets you turn your iPad into a personal interactive whiteboard. It offers several features such as : record voice, make video tutorials and share them, import images and write over them, easily switch between drawing and erasing, and many more.

3- Jot

whiteboard ipad apps

This is another great whiteboard app for the iPad. It allows users to:  sketch out their ideas and share them in real time, draw, take notes, and share ideas via email or save them as photos.

4- SyncSpace
whiteboard ipad apps

This app provides a sort of shared whiteboard. Just turn on the synchronization and send a link to the document to others and they will be able to see it and add to it using SyncSpace. The resulting finsihed work can be shared on Twitter, Facebook or be emailed as PDF.

5-Ideas Flight
whiteboard ipad apps

This app lets you share ideas, documents and presentations and direct the experience of an audience easily on iPad.

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