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4 Great Free Educational Power Point and Slideshow Resources for Teachers to Download

Presentations and slideshows are important elements in the digitisation of your teaching. Sometimes playing a slideshow for students can do a better job in conveying the ideas you want to communicate to your students. Probably all of you have had an experience with the creation of a presentation somehow Anyway the purposes of this post is not to provide you with a list of the best presentation making tools ( we have already done this in an earlier post ) but share with you  some great resources where you can find and download educational PowerPoint presentations to use in your classroom with your students.

 These are not PowerPoint seach engines but simply some online platforms created by educators like me and you with the purposes of sharing interesting educational slides with the teaching community worldwide. As for presentations search engine then I recommend you check this post.

Here is a list of some of the best Educational PowerPoints resources for teachers:

1- Pete's Power Point Station

slides resources

This is a website where you can have access to a wide range of great educational Power Point presentations arranged into categories such as Language and Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math....ect

2- Jefferson County Schools

slides resources

This is also another awesome platform where you can browse through different Power Point collections such as : The Arts presentaions, Language Arts presentations, Library Science presentations, Teacher resources and many more.

3- Nebo School District

slides resources

This is a page that contains hundreds of downloadable presentations in Power Point format. Again every presentation is accompanied with a title and description. Some of these presentations have even sound and background music. Check them out

4- Graves K12

slides resources

This website provides great ready made Power Point presentations for teachers to use in their classes. Just select the category you want ( whether Elementary Presentations, Middle School Presentations, or High School Presentations ) and you will have access to hundreds of slides there.

Do you know of any other resources we could include in the list ? Please share with use below.

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