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3 Excellent Tools to Easily Create Lesson Plans

Pedagogically speaking, lesson plans are very important elements in the teaching process. Besides giving life to a lesson they also give it a structure and organize its components in such an orderly way that students can systematically take it in.

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I am not really a huge fan of lesson planning for I consider it a laboriously monotonous task that adds up to the pile of strenuous chores teachers have to perform at home. I do prefer creating  mental mind maps of my lessons before I deliver them to my students, but as you know, the administrative procedure, and work ' ethics' require us to have a formal written lesson plan to go hand in hand with what we teach. Thinking about how to make this task as painless and time saving as possible , I came up with a list of three outstanding tools that you can use for this purpose. Just like the teachers free grade book tools I talked about earlier, these tools are also handy and can radically change the way you make lesson plans. Check them out :

1- Planboard

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This is a simple tool that is desgined specifically for teachers and educators to simplify their lesson planning. It provides several important services such as sharing calendars, printing off schedules, and re-usability of lesson plans. Planboard does not require any software installtion and is completely easy to use.

2- Core Planner

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Core Planner is a great website that allows teachers to create lesson plans with Common Core Standards in mind. It also lets them write lesson plans, track the Common Core Standards usage for each lesson and set overall goals for each class.

3- Plan Book Edu

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This is another great tool for teachers . Plan Book Edu lets you easily create lesson plans  and makes them available anywhere you go. You can attach files, Common Core Standards, print, export to Word or PDF, and share with colleagues.

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