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The 20 Features Teachers Should Know about The 21st Century Classroom

We have been talking a lot about the 21st century skills teacher need to have but what about the 21st century classroom ? Do we know how it looks like ? How much of technology is used there and why should there be any technology it  after all ? These are questions that Open Colleges is trying to anwser in their awesome infographic below.

21st century classroom

Honestly I was thinking that the Flipped Classroom is the type of classroom we will have in the future but I don't think I am right so far. But no matter what kind of classroom we have , there will always be a lot of amount of technology in it.

Edudemic has also helped in the realization of this infographic and it even summarized its key elements in the following bullets :

  • 91% of teachers have computers in the classroom
  • Just 20% think they have the right level of technology in the classroom
  • More than half of all colleges surveyed say their biggest priority is upgrading their wi-fi system
  • 43% of teachers surveyed have used online games in the classroom
  • 29% of teachers use social networks… 80% of college professors do too.

Click the infographic below to enlarge. Click here to download it as a printable PDF.

21st Century Classroom

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