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Teacher's Guide to The Use of Google Docs in The iPad

iPad is one of the best tablets available in the market. Many educators and teachers use it for both professional and personal purposes. Some are experienced users and others are still fighting their way through its intricacies. No matter what user you are, the spreadsheet below will be of great help for you.


The Electric Educator has done a great job in creating this awesome spreadsheet featuring all the things you might need to know about the use of Google docs in your iPad. It really amazed me to discover that the integration of Google Docs is not as perfect as many people think. There is a bunch of things that do not work at all. Check it out and make sure to share it with your colleagues.

Click HERE to download it.

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  1. I'm surprised that with the growing popularity of Google Docs that more people aren't kicking and screaming about these limitations. The creation of a native docs app for iPad seems like the obvious solution, but even the one that exists on the Android platform leaves a lot to be desired. I hope that with Google's aquisition of Quick Office, we might see one soon, but no one (except you) seems to be talking about this major gap in functionality.

  2. We use Quick Office Pro HD on the iPad. Not a perfect solution, as peer editing and doc sharing is not ideal here, but the app works well otherwise. Also works with Evernote, Dropbox and other cloud services. The company just got bought out by Google, so who knows what the future holds

  3. I'm am glad that the resource I created has been helpful.

    Trevor, in response to your comment, most people to don't begin using Google Docs on a mobile device. They start on a desktop/laptop and then find the need to access their documents on their mobile.

    John, my school is a 1:1 iPad school and we have been using QuickOffice as well. For basic editing and document creation, it's great. The downside is that QuickOffice doesn't take advantage of the collaborative editing features of Google Docs.

    Like both Trevor and John, I'm hopeful that Google recent acquisition of QuickOffice will result in a fully functional native Google docs app.

  4. Why not use ?


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