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A Simple Guide for Teachers to Create eBooks on iPad using iBook Author

With the start of this new year Apple launched two major products namely iBook app and iBooks Author. These two releases have caught the attention of media and Educational Technology and Mobile Learning was no exception. We posted  two detailed articles about the potential of these new products in education. Today we are adding a follow up to those articles.

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Below are some of the best tutorials to get teachers and educators acquainted with the iBook Author. Just a reminder, iBook Author allows users to easily create ebooks. The app is free and has a very intuitive interface. The purpose behind these tutorials is to help those of you , still struggling with the intricacies of this app, find their way out and be able to create their own ebooks to share with students and colleagues.

1- Selecting a template

 To start creating an eBook using iBook Author you need first to select a template . Apple has 6 suggested templates. Watch the video below to learn how to select a template:

2- Thmbnail and Panels

 The video below will walk you through the outline and thumbnail panels in iBooks Author.

3-  Tool bar

This video will show you how the tool bar works and inform you about the different functions of each icon.

4- Inspector Panel

This video will make you familiar with using Inspector Panel on iBook Author

5- Pages and navigation

This tutorial will show you how to insert pages and navigate the thumbnail and outline view.

6- Using Rulers and Guides

This guide will help you understand how to use rulers and guides on the iBook Author.

7- Inserting Text

This tutorial will teach you how to insert and edit text on iBooks Author

8- Inserting Text from Microsoft

This video will help you learn how to insert a Microsoft Word text document into iBook Author and how to modify it.

9-  Paragraph Styles

This video will teach you how to format text using style, modify the size, font and many more.

10- Email an iBook PDF

This tutorial will show you how to email an iBook PDF file.

For more video tutorials on how to use iBook Author please visit This Website.

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