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A Great Way to Use Google Docs with your Students

One of my first posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning was about Google Docs in Education and by the time I wrote and published it, Google Docs was still not popular and did not have the advanced features it has now. Since then, many articles have been published on this topic and one of the most popular of them all was Google Docs 52 Secrets Educators Need to Know about.

google docs

I am personally impressed by the power of this service and the several things we can achieve by using it. I always urge my students to use it to create presentations, docs, slideshows, spreadsheets and many more. Google Docs has a huge and promising potential in education and the proof is the video I embedded below which shows how Mr Hanish uses Google Docs to handle group work with his students. The Tech Curve has initially published this video and that was where I learned about it.

The video is just 2 minutes and 46 seconds but is really great by all means and can help you learn about a new way to use Google Docs with your students.

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