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A Great Guide on How to Effectively Integrate Technology in The Classroom

As I was wading through DawsonIt website, which is a great website for teachers interested in educational technology, I came across an article entitled 3 Informational eBooks for Teachers and Educators. As I clicked on the the title I was directed to the original website where the 3 eBooks originated. It is called Learning Today which is also , to my surprise,  another great resource for teachers. I spent some time leafing through its content and I ended up selecting  for you one ebook and a video presentation. The first is great guide for teachers on how to integrate technology into education and the second is a presentation about the use of podcasts in education.

This e-book is perfect for both new and experienced teachers. It will help you understand the importance of technology and how it can simply be applied into the classroom. From websites for learning, to new twists on traditional lessons, this e-book can truly help bring any teacher into the 21st century. " Click Here to download this ebook.

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