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Free Tools to Go Paperless for Teachers

Have you ever thought of going to school paperless ? Well if you have not, then you need to consider it. I know people still have that standard image of the teacher in that white apron with a desk full of papers and binders. We do not need to have all that load of papers around us to be effective, technology has several easy ways to facilitate your life  and make it way easier and more enjoyable. Let me share with you here an example that I personally experienced. Some years ago  I used to have problems in the aeroports because of the weight of my luggage. Every year that I go back home to see my parents I would pay for extra weight because my suitcase would be  full of books. I hated it because some of the books I could not do without them and so could not leave them behind especially when I would be away for longer periods of time. Now thanks to mobile technology, my Kindle has loads of books that I take wherever I go without worrying about weight issues.

We can do the same in teaching. We can make it more easier and way better organized than you would ever think. Everything you need can be stored digitally for you to access wherever and whenever you want. Here are some tips and tools to help you do so. Remember when you are using digital tools you always need to allow for plan B to use when there is no electricity, an unexpected problem with your device...ect.

1-  Storing Data

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I know most of you use a USB drive or other peripheral device to store information,  and while this is a good way to keep and carry your data , it is not the best. You can use now a web based storing service that you can access whenever there is internet connection. There are many cloud-based webistes that allow users to store their day but as a teacher I prefer Google Docs or what is called now Google drive. You can ulpoad your videos, documents, presentations and get a free access to them wherever you are. Evernote is also another web service I would recommend for storing data and syncing it across all platforms even mobile ones.

2- Grading
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Grading, a task which I do not enjoy at all, can also be done digitally and save you all the hussel and tussel of paper work. Engragde is my favourite tool here and I highly recommend it for you.

3-  Keep yourself organized and on schedule

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You no longer need any paper calendar to mark your important dates and events. Keep yourself highly organized with this set of free time management  tools I compiled for teachers.

4- Creating Reminders
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Gone are the days when we would clutter our fridge door with a variety of sticky notes. Get your notes neatly organized into digital sticky notes that can be accessed everywhere you are. Here is a list of some of the best free sticky notes compiled solely for teachers.

5- Note Taking

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You no longer need to worry about losing your paper notes because you don't even need them anymore. You can now use free tools to take notest to share with others or save in your data base. Check out these great free note taking tools for teachers.

6- DO quizzes online
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Here is a list I have compiled containing some of the best quiz making and delivering tools online. Select the tool you like and try it out with your students. Use your discretion when doing this.

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