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Free Mobile Mind mapping Apps for Teachers

After the wide popularity of the article  Free Mind Mapping Tools for Teachers, I got several emails from some educators asking for some of free apps that can do the same job but this time on mobile devices. In fact most of the mind mapping apps for mobile are paid but there are quite a few that are free and below is a list of such apps.

Free Mind mapping apps for iPhone /iPad

1-  MindMeister

mind mapping apps

This app is also available for Android below. It is great for creating, viewing,editing, and sharing mind maps and concept diagrams.

2- Idea Skecth

mind mapping apps

This one here lets you easily draw a mind map and convert it to a text outline and vice versa.This is ideal for brianstorming new ideas, illustrating concepts and making outlines.

3- Total Recall
mind mapping apps

This is another great mind mapping app for the iOS. Users can easily create and share beautiful mind maps with automatic layouts and colourful canvases.

4- Simple Mind
mind mapping apps

This is a drag and drop mind mapping templates and clipboard for brainstorming or thought  structuring

Free Mind mapping apps for Android

1- Mindjet

mind mapping apps

This is a great Android app that allows users to visually capture, organize information, brianstorm ideas, take notes, and track tasks right from the convenience of their  Android.

2- MindMeister

mind mapping apps

This is also another great free Android app that lets you easily create and share mind maps. You can also edit and customize your concept maps as you like, this is one of my favourites.

3- Mind Memo
mind mapping apps

This is a memo application program that allows users to arrange the character string on the screen by the free style. It is free and very easy to use.

4- Mind Board Lite

mind mapping apps

This is an Android tablet application that lets users create drawings and mind maps by using just finger-draw and without any need for virtual keyboard. It is also very easy to use and has a nice intuitive interface.

5-  Mind Map Memo

This is a free mind map creator and editor. It enables users to draw mind maps just as if they are drawing on a paper. It also provides zooming, copy& paste, chainging colour schemes and background colour and many more.

6- Mind Canvas

mind mapping apps

Mind Canvas lets users easily draw their mind maps using photos, text, and drawings on the canvas. It is very easy to use and is user-friendly.

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