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Finally Users Can Now Pin YouTube Videos to Their Pinterest Boards

Pinterest has been grabbing attention for the last cooupke of months and is growing more and more in its popularity. Educational Technology experts have started digging into its educational potential and so many articles have been written on this topic so far. Today, however, I got a great piece of news from a tweet by Thomas Jeff about a tool called Pintubest that allows Pinterest users to pin YouTube Videos.

By the  introduction of this tool, Pinterest would have overcome one of its glaring  weaknesses. Before, users could not pin videos to their pinboards and all they can do is pin pictures and images. Pintubest solved the problem and with one click you can get your videos to an already existing collection on your Pinterest wall or on a new one.

Pintubest is very easy to use and all you have to do is sign in with your Pinterest login information and go to the option of Pin It and you can easily find it. This application allows you, besides adding YouTube videos to Pinterest in Boards, to also tweet your pin or share it over Facebook if you chose to link it with Pinterest. You can also play and watch your videos without leaving the website.

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