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8 Free Websites for Teachers to Publish, Host, and Share their Slideshows and Presentation

Slideshows are great learning tools. They are used by both students and teachers for a variety of purposes  and most important of them all is to summarize key ideas and concepts and present them in such a catchy way that readers enjoy exploring. I am pretty sure you all have ,at some point in your teaching,  included slideshows in your lessons and in case you want to discover some other free tools to create slideshows and presentations then I would recommed that you read this  list of Free Presentation creation tools for Teachers.

Now that you have created your slideshows and customized them the way you want, you will definately need a platform where you can publish and share them with others. Below is a list of some of the best places where you and  your students can easily share and publish their slideshows. All of these services require a sign up and once your slideshow is uploaded they also provide different forms of sharing options from using the social media sharing services to the generated embed codes. If at any time after ulplaoding your slideshow or presentation to one of these services and you decided not to publish it then just check your settings and select private.

1- Issuu

slideshows tools

This is my favourite. As you can see in the Teacher slides section in this blog, most of the slideshows I make here are embedded on Issuu. You can also embed ebooks, documents, and many more. Issuu lets you see stats about your uploaded work like how many have shared i and viewed it.

2- DocStoc

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This is another great publishing platform where you can upload your slideshows or any other kind of file and share it with the world. I have used it to share some ebooks before but what I don't like about it is the too many ads they have there.

3- Slideshare

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I don't think you have not heard about this service. It is also one of my favourites and it does the same thing like the two services mentioned above. It is great for sharing slideshows.

4- Google Docs

slideshows tools

This is also another fantastic platform where you and your students can collaborate in realtime in creating slideshows and sharing them with others online. You can create presentations, slideshows, spreadsheets, documents and many more. I highly recommend it.

5- Empressr

slideshows tools

This is an awesome website where you can create and share your slideshows and presentations. You can add photos, music, video and audio and share it publicly or privately in an instant.

6- Slide Rocket

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Slide Rocket allows you to create your own presentations and share them with the world. It provides some awesome presentation templates to choose from and is integrated with Google drive.

7- Hello Slide

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This one too lets you create your presentations and share them online. It is web based and requires a sing up. It has both free and pro plans. As for the free users, their presentations are limited to only 10 MB .

8- Author Stream

slideshows tools

This is also another great website for both hosting and publishing your slideshows. You can choose between sharing publicly or privately.It also converts your Power Points to videos.

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