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8 Free and simple tools to create video tutorials for Teachers

One of the important digital skills that the 21st century teachers should have is the ability to create video tutorials to share with students.I know some of you might freak out when it comes to putting your  digital skills to the test  thinking that you could never make it. I understand it because I know that the first thing that comes into your mind on hearing video tutorials are  those sophisticated and pompous tutorials you see on Youtube from imedia companies and advertising corporations. Well, the kind of software used to create such tutorials cost a lot of  money and requires specialits to work on them.

 For use in education, a tutorial can be just a simple video explaining a difficult concept or a methodical process that walk students through different steps and stages. There are several free tools to help you do that and you do not need any advanced technology skills to use them; all you need is a solid will and a committment to what you want to do.

Below is a set of free tools for teachers to create easy tutorials to share with their students in the classroom or embed on their class blogs and wikis. Some of these tools require a sign up and all of them are down to earth easy. Just give it a try and you will make it. If the first video tutorial you make does not sound as good as you wanted it then keep in your mind that it is the first try and even experienced users need to try a tool several times  before they get the satisfaction they are looking for.

1- Jing

video tutorial tools

Jing allows its users to create images and videos of what they see on their screen and share them with the world instantly and easily. Just to let you know that Jing has two versions one is free and the other is premium. So the free Jing offers just : five minutes of screen recording and some mark up tools for images but the pro version offers way more.

2- Camstudio

video tutorial tools

Camstudio is also a great screencasting tool. It allows its users to screen record and  ceate awesome video tutorials and share them through a generated link with others online.

3- Screencast-O-Matic

video tutorial tools

Screencast-O-Matic is my favourite screencasting tool of them all. It is free and easy to use . With one click you can start recording your screen and right from your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and does not require any software installation. it is all online

4- Webinaria

video tutorial tools

This s a great tool that teachers can use to create recordings of their desktop with voice commentary .It also allows its users to save and edit their recordings the way they want.

5- ScreenCastle

video tutorial tools

This is a very easy tool to create a tutorial right from your screen. It requires Java. Once yur recording is finsihed you can then get a generated code to share with others.

6- Go View

video tutorial tools

This is another great tool for you to capture your computer screen and audio and share your tutorials with your students.

7- Screenr

video tutorial tools

This is an awesome web-based screen recorder which you can use to record tutorials made up of 5 minutes and share them very easily.

8- Capture Fox

video tutorial tools

This is a Firefox add-on that allows users to  capture their screen and record their voice to make screencasts, tutorials, elessons and many more.

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