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The 25 Best Teaching and Learning Websites of 2012

AASL ( American Association of School Librarians ) has recently published  a post featuring some of the best teaching and learning websites for this year. I have reviewed this post and chekced the websites they included ( most of which have been reviewed here ) and decided to share with you their list.

This top 25 websities the AASL included foster " the qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration. They are free, web-based sites that are user-friendly and encourage a community of learners to explore and discover." These websites are organized into 6 main categories ."

1- Media Sharing
2- Digital Storytelling
3-Social Networking
4-Content Resources
5-Curriculum Collaboration

1- Media Sharing Websites :

A- Project :

This is a great website for presentations and slides creations. It lets users embed text, images, docs, and social media data. If you want to explore more similar tools then check out The Best Free Presentation Tools for Teachers.

B- Gamestar Mechanic

This website teaches users about the principals of game systems and  design.

C- Vialogue:

This website allows users to post videos and invite others to start discussions , pose questions and add comments on the content.

D- Popplet

This  is one of the tools I included in my The Best Mind Mapping Tools for educators. It helps users create awesome concept maps.

D- Jux

This tool lets you create stories using graphics, text,and  audio and works both on the desktop as well as mobile devices.

2- Digital Storytelling

Most of the tools AASL compiled under this heading have already been included in The Best Free Digital Storytelling Tools for Teachers.

A- Comic Master

This is a great tool for users to create short graphic novels. It also provides lesson plans and other resurces on how to use comics in the classroom. Check out the best Comic Strip Genrator tools for Teachers for more of similar tools.

B- My Storymaker

This website provides a safe and student friendly environment where teachers can tell stories for their students.

C- Inanimate Alice

This is a digital interactive graphic novel that tells the story of Alice via text, games and music.

3- Manage and Organize

A- Quicklyst

This  is a cool website that allows users to take notes, make to-do-lists, organize , save and search those notes they made.

B- SpiderScribe

This is another concept map making tools that lets users create awesome diagrams out of docs, pictures, maps and more.

C- Stixy

I have already included this tool in my Best Free Sticky Notes Tools for Teachers. It allows users to create, collaborate, orgnaize and share content a bulletin board called Stixyboards.

D- Remember The Milk

This is a great Task management tool. that allows users to create tasks and to-do-lists.

4- Social Networking

A- Wiggio

This is an ideal website for group work. It allows for virtual meetings, conference calls, to do lists, polling, events management and many more.

B- Collaborize Classroom

This a collaborative platform where teachers and students can collaborate while working on assignments and classroom projects.

C- Celly

This website supports the use of cell phones in the classroom by providing a controlled, secure environment for users.

5- Content Resources

A- Study Ladder

This one here is for elementary and junior high/middle grades that provides a wide range of activities that promotes conceptual understanding.

B- Historypin

This website helps users create stories out of photographs and links and put them into a photo album.

C- Learn it in 5

This  provides five minutes or less video tutorials on web 2.0 skills for teachers, students and parents.

D- ARKive

" ARKive gathers together films, photographs, and audio recordings of the world's species to establish a comprehensive multimedia digital collection of profiles of species either rare or threatened with extinction."

E- DocsTeach

This website provides 3000 documents for students to create rich learning experiences.

6- Curriculum Collaboration

A- How to Smile

This is a virtual community where teachers exchange activities to get students engagement in learning.

B- StudyBlue

This is a platform where you can learn about flashcards. You can also make your owns very easily

C- Nasa Kids Club

This website helps users take off into a universe of STEM activities that engage and inspire teaching and learning.

D- Springnote

This one allows users to create notebooks using text, graphics, and clendars.

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