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15 Great Google tutorials for Teachers

Google has made several inroads into education. Over the last couple of years, Google has been providing services , most of which are free, to educators and Google in Education is a living example. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning deeply senses the huge potential of Google for teachers and hence has  been posting tutorials and guides on the effective use of this service in education. The Entire Guide to Google Search Features for Teachers and Students, and The Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Tools  for Teachers  are but some of the prominent posts we have shared with our readers before.

google education

Today we are adding another resource which contains video tutorials about some of the important Google services that teachers can use in their daily endeavour. These video tutorials cover the following topics :

1- How to create and save a spreadsheet
2- How to create and save a document
3- How to create and save a drawing
4- How to create and save a presentation
5- Learn how to record a tour using Google Earth
6- Learn about Google Street View
7- Learn about Historical Imagery in Google Earth
8- Google Building maker
9- Your world with Google in 3D
10- Learn about Google Sketchup
11- Google Apps education training centre
12- Google safety guide for educators
13- Google Epic Docs Animation
14- Google in Education
15- Google book for educators

The first four tutorials are articles and the rest are videos.

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