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Teach your Students Copyright Issues

One of the most important things to teach your students when using  multimedia tools in the classroom is the copyrights issues and Creative Commons. Our students need to develop a responsible culture towards what they share online and what they embed in their projects be it images or videos. Yes it starts from your classroom and do not underestimate your influence on your students. You might sound a little bit  preachy but they would definitely grasp it. No tolerating stolen materials from internet. These can be internal rules to be glued to your classroom wall. Make it clear to them from the start that you are going to use technology throughout the whole year but in doing so the following rules should be respected . Include any rules to regulate the use of technology but never miss out on copyrights and Creative Commons.

creative commons

Unfortunately, many students think about internet as just as an easy and free  source of information they can use whenever they want. Yes this is true but not when copying whole paragraphs and presenting them as yours. I have already compiled a list of very important tools teachers can use to detect plagiarised work in their students assignments, check it out you might need to use some.

As for the use of Creative Commons, here is a great video from Common Craft that sheds more light on Creative Commons Licenses. You can use it with your students too.

Click on This Link to watch the video

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