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Noredink Better Way to Learn and teach about Grammar

One of the students nightmare in language learning is Grammar. They wrongly think it is hard to understand and do not see its immediate relevance in their digitally focused life . Well I do not blame them for part of the responsibility or a big chunk of it falls on teachers' shoulders. If they use innovative and creative ways to teach Grammar,  students might not be feeling what they feel about Grammar  these days. Technology has alot to offer in this regard, we can not ignore it, it is what our students love so much and we can use it intuitively to make their learning enjoyable and fun.


Noredink is one example among thousands that teachers can have recourse to when looking for materials on teaching grammar. This is basically a web-based learning platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. The site is currently free for everyone: teachers, students, parents, tutors, school administrators, and all who want to improve their grammar. Noredink was built with one sole purpose in mind; help kids learn in fun way.

Noredin provides help for students on several major grammatical issue such as : apostrophes, subject-verb agreement, comma issue, sentence fragments, and run-on sentences. More categories will be covered in the next comming months.

Watch this video to learn more about Noredink.


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