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My Favourite Plagiarism Checker Tool ( Great for Teachers and Students )

One of the curses of our digital age is plagiarism. This plague has never been as severe as it is now. With everyone having free unlimited access to information online, it becomes the onus of your conscience whether to plagiarise or not. There is nothing to deter you from plagiarising except if you have good morals and believe in ethics.

Honestly and unfortunately not all internet users believe in ethics and copyrights. Just two days ago I discovered a guy who has set up a blog and started posting all the  articles I publish here as they are without the least decent mention of their source. These guys are called content scrapers and their technique is that they use your blog's RSS Feed URL to transform everything you publish to their websites soon after you publish them. They do this malicious work to gain some Google page rank and therefore attract ad buyers. It is all about money.

plagiarism tools

 Many bloggers are victimized by content scrapers and the only solution we have is to put a sentence or two RSS feed stating the original source of the article that is why if you are a subscriber to my blog you will always see in your reader a sentence under each post stating Educational Technology and Mobile Learning as the original source of that content. As for the other guy who was stealing my content, I did not let him enjoy it for long because I forwarded a statement to Google complaining about it and no sooner had Google verified my claims then the website was shut down and I got an answer from Google thanking me for raising the issue ( if you are a blogger or content writer and have the same problem just contact me and I will show you how to file a complaint ).

As a reader you always need to pay attention to the URL of the webpage you are at, make sure, for example, that the  URL of  the blog or website you always visit is correct because one letter can make the difference and until I post a guide on how to pick out  authentic webpages from fake ones I will let you get acquainted with one of my favourite plagiarism tools that I highly recommend for everyone of  you here.

plagiarism tools

Plagtracker is a great plagiarism checker that I personally prefer over all the other tools. This is a web-based service which means that you do not need to download or install any software. It does not even require any sign up or registration. All you need to do is head over to its homepage and paste the text you want to check . Plagtracker will instantly start scanning all internet pages and more than 20 million  academic works for any  plagiarised copy. After the scan is over ( it normally takes a minute or two ) you will then be provided with a detailed report containing information about sections of the scan that needs to be cited and list of sources.

The other good thing about Plagtracker is that along with checking for plagiarism in your text you can also check for grammar and spelling mistakes or get proofreading and editing assistance and all for free. As a teacher, blogger and researcher I would highly recommend this tool to my fellow teachers and bloggers. Students too can use it and here is  what Plagtracker said about this :

Students can also benefit from our plagiarism detection software by checking their essays or research papers for any plagiarism that may have crept into their work...... Students can also benefit from our plagiarism detection software by checking their essays or research papers for any plagiarism that may have crept into their work.  

If you want to explore more plagiarism tools then check out the ebook I published here awhile ago. It contains a bunch of other useful tools teachers and educators can use to check for plagiarised work for free.

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