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Mother's Day in Pictures

Happy Mother's Day to every mother in this planet. Today is not a normal day it is a day where we all stop for a moment to revere and honour our mothers. Yes I know everyday should be a mother's day because what mothersdo for us  can never be remembered in just a single day but for the worldly conventions we need a unanimous day for mothers and the second Sunday of every May is the International Mother's Day.

mother's day

I have already shared some resources a week ago in a post entitled : 15 Free Resources to Teach your Students about Mother's Day, and today I am adding another awesome resource called Celebrating Motherhood in Pictures which is a slidewshow from Smithsonian Magazine. This slideshow is made up of some of the best photos submitted by Smithsonian Magazine readers and which all recognize moms of all kinds and from all walks of life.

Check out this slideshow here

Here is a great video of an interviewer who went around in New York Coty to ask people  to say thank you to their moms. I hope you find these links and the links provided in the previous post a good start for an overall session with your students on the importance of Mother's Day.

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