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How Technology is Changing Students Study Habits

People in their 30s now are born before the technological revolution and have in a way or other learned how to use technology in their life and work. This category of people are called digital immigrants. If you are one of them then take a moment and think back to your university or college days when litttle or no technology was available. Think about how you used to do researches and how hard it was to find the references needed to finsih your memoir or whatever that you were working on.


 If you compare those days with today's study habits of university students and how technology has made it down to earth easy for everyone to have a free unlimited access to a weath of information online. Sometimes I would think that if I had the same means that students have now many things would have been easier for me particularly when I was working on my research paper but I am glad it is not too late for I am using technology and will defifitely use for my PH.D in the future.

Here is an awesome infographic on how technology is changing college life. Read and share.

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