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Great Infographics for Language Teachers Part 2

Part One : ( Click HERE to access this part )

  •  Definite and indefinite articles
  • All about Adjectives
  • Punctuation
  •  Passive Voice
  • When to use e.g and i.e
Here is what the second part is about
Part Two : ( Scroll down to read Part Two )

1- How to Use Quotation Marks and Punctuation
2- Subjective I wish I were
3- Modal Verbs
4- Parallel Structure

Part 3 : ( Click Here to access this part )
  •  Apostrophes The Importance of Good Grammar
  •  Adjectives Degree of Comparison
  •  Most Misspelled Words
  •  Ten Hyphenation Tips
  •  Fifteen Most Useful Phrasal Verbs
Here is what part four is about :
Part 4 : ( Click Here to access it )
  •  Fourteen Typical Mistakes with Prepositions
  • New Words of 2010
  • The Most Annoying Writing Mistakes
  • Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage
  • The Story of Modifiers
                                                                  Part Two

1- How to Use Quotaion Marks and Punctuation by

2- Subjenctive I wish I were by

3- Modal Verbs by

4- Parallel Structure by

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