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13 Free Sticky Notes Tools for Teachers and Students

Yesterday as I was working on some sticky notes with my students It dawned on me to share with my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  some of the free online web tools that allow its users to easily and intuitively  create sticky notes. I checked into the archive I have here and through  some other online resources and came up with this list. read and share.

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Please remember the list is not exhaustive and there are many other sticky note tools not mentioned here but the ones below are among the best ones for teachers.

1- Wall Wisher

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This is my favourite among them all. It allows you to add music, text, video and more. It also lets you make your wall either public or private.

2- Stixy

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Stixy is another great tool that lets users create their own notes and stick them to a clipboard and also share them  with others. You can also share documents, photos and to-do-lists.

3- Popplet

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Popplet is a unique web2.0 tool . It is one of the best applications for visual ideas . It combines presentations , mindmapping and online bulletins.

4- Linoit

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Linoit is a free sticky and canvas service that does not require anything but a web  browser . Linoit is pretty much like Wallwisher.

5- Pegby

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Pegby is a great task management tool for educators. It allows its users to get their tasks and assignments organized just in the way they like.  It is very easy to use, just peg up a card and attach it to a board . It has three columns one for things you want to do , the other for things that are still in progress and the last one for things done.

6- Corkboard

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Corkboard allows you to create corkboards to help you organize your postings . For instance you can create ‘Books I Read’ Corkboard and put all of your books related postings in there . It is very handy and practical and above all it is free to use .

7- Primary Wall

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Primary Wall is created with elementary school students in mind .It allows users to organize their notes in such an easy way that no extra or advanced technology knowledge is needed .

8- Discovery Box

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Discovery Box is a web2.0 tool to collect items in a virtual box . It allows you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. You can display anything from a text file to a movie.

9- Stickr

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Stickr allows users to create sticky notes about any webage. These notes are saved into the user`s Stickr account where they can be used as bookmarks.

10- Noterr

This is a greats ticky note tool that lets users arrange their note on a canvas then share it with others.

11- Spaaze

Spaaze is another free sticky note platform where users can organize their notes which can be simple text or videos, images and also links.

12- Listings

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Listings is a cool website that allows users to take notes from browser, and also share and collaborate with others in real time.

13- Scrumblr

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This is a tool that provides online free space to create and share sticky notes with a group.

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  1. I was trying to figure out if any of the these support mobile access since nowadays you do not access services so often via browser but might prefer an app or mobile website? Am I correct that Corkboard possibly has the best mobile support including iOS app, sms, email support?


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