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The 10Most Read Books in The World

Reading is one of the basic literacy skills we learn from the first years of our schooling.As we grow up this skill develops and takes many forms. It actually stays with us for the rest of our life. And like any other skill, the more you work on it the better it gets. That is why we have now great writers it is because they were once great readers.

Reading  is also a passion, it is a love that you nurture towards words, sentences,  paragraphs, texts and if you are fortunate enough to develop this love into marriage then you get into the production circle and people start reading what you write. As educators and teachers we are supposed to be the intimate friends of books and we should always keep teaching our students how to love them too and be their epitome that they can model on. You always need to ask yourself at the end of every month how many books have I read or started to read ? If the answer is negative then there is something wrong going on that you need to immediately address. Reading is also a habit but a noble one that you can develop over time and believe me once you get into it you it will forever change your life.

In this regard, I want to share with you the top ten most read books in the world. The infographic is just to give you an idea of the popular books people read which they might not be among your choices after all.

by Jared. Browse more data visualizations.

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