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The 100 Must Know Web Tools for Teachers

Interesting web2.0 tools are spurring up everyday giving educators a wide range of possibilities for an effective integration of technology in their learning. One of the pluses of the web 2.0  revolution is this dynamic interactive feature of the net. Anyone now can come up with their own web tool and post it viral online for others to use ; of course provided they have technology wizardry to build a web tool.

Just few years ago, we were unable to interact with the web the way we do now. We were complete consumers of content and thanks to the introduction of web 2.0 in around 2004  that everyone now can have their own say on whatever topic.

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has been, through out these last three years, constantly sharing with its readers reviews and tips about the best web tools available for free for teachers and educators. Our aim is to reach out to you and provide you with some useful resources to help you better improve your classroom practices. We are not creating those resources or claiming any technology advanced knowledge than most of you here but we are committed to squeeze out some time from our busy schedules to posting here and help you get a free access to tools that you might not have discovered alone had you had the time to do so.

I know that I forget myself when I put my fingers on the keybaord to type you these lines. I feel like I want to go on writing and writing non stop but I know this is just a blog post and you might have just a few minutes online so I better make it short, concise and to the point. Without any further ado, below is a slideshow created by  Jane Hart of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies . This is mainly a collection of some of the best resources of web tools for teachers according to a crowdsourced vote .

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