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Top MovieTeachers

Being a teacher is not an easy job, for the society has a certain look and expectations towards you. You need to be the model to others and always give the good example. Wherever you go parents watch you and try to curiously investigate about who that teacher who teaches our kids look like? how does he behave outside school ? and many more questions. Unfortunately this is the life of a teacher especially if he works in a little town that lives only in gossip.

The life of a teacher has also been a fatty topic for script writers and film directors. We have seen some very successful movie the topic of which revolves a round a story of a single teacher helping his students discover the world as is the case with this year Oscar Nominee movie Monsieur Lazahr ( by the way this a great movie about a substitue teacher who has taught for 17 years in a primary school in Algeria before he finally moved to Montreal where he started teaching in a an elementary school.The story is about the bonds this teacher has developed with his students and what he made of them, it will be playing in theatres here in Canada this month so if you have time try to watch it.)

So talking about movies and teachers, I want to share with you a set of top videos of teachers portrayed in Telivisions and movie.

Top 10 movie Teachers of the year

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