Friday, April 27, 2012

TED-Ed Turns Videos Into Interactive Lessons

Turning videos into a truly interactive part of a lesson can be a real challenge for educational video hosting websites. TED has worked on this and came up with a website called TED-Ed hoping to solve this problem. This new website is supposed to let teachers turn  or flip  TED videos as well as any other video on YouTube into  interactive lessons.


TED-Ed is both a site for finding educational videos and in the same time an effective tool for flipping them. The notion of flipping is inspired by Flipped Classroom Model. Teachers can easily browse through the videos using themed categories such as the Arts,health etc.`

TED’s videos are displayed on lesson pages that include multiple-choice quizzes, open-ended questions, and links to more information about the material. Professors who don’t want to rely on the premade content can press a button to flip the videos and customize some of the questions. With each flipped video, professors receive a unique Web link that they can use to distribute the lesson to students and track their answers. ( source : The Chronicle )

Read these two  great articles one by Wired and the second by Chronicle to learn more about TED-Ed.

You can also watch this video entitled Lessons Worth Sharing

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