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An Interesting List of Google Plus Circles for Educators

This is a follow-up post to " 8 Ways Teachers and Students Can Use Google Plus ". Now that you have already had an idea of the potential of this promising social networking tool together with some tips on how to use some of its features in education, we will now delve into some interesting educational circles. These circles are a great way for teachers to discover, exchange and share ideas and resources on hot educational topics.


1-  Eileen O’Duffy’s Educators Circle: This is where you will find education professionals talking about great educational topics

2- Thomas Ho’s Education Circle: This is created specifically for educators wishing to network with each other and share resources.

3- Alister Macintyre’s Education Topics: Find out educational resources, learning strategies, gadgets and more in this circle.

4- Vincent Knight’s Education Circle: This is another circle where you can browse interesting content in education with a specific shift towards Math.

5- Jon Hiller’s Science, Education: Explore resources on science and education here.

6- David Wees’ Educators Circle: A fabulous circle that included more than 500 educational experts and organization.

7- Creative Education’s Circle of Educators: Here is where you will get to discover some innovative ideas in education

If you are for circles for special needs then check out this list:

Here is a great post from Edudemic that features dozens of other circles.

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