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Garbology: Easy Way to Teach Students about Recycling

Garbology is a great website where students can learn about nature-friendly ways of disposing of trash. Yes it does start from home but schools and teachers can help a lot in reinforcing those noble values that parents teach their kids especially in  matters concerning the preservation of our nature. Teachers will find Garbology a great resource full of tips and ideas together with animations showing students how to correctly get rid of their everyday garbage.


Garbology is basically an interactive game that provides a convincing answer to the question " Where should my waste go ". There is also a set of lessons and activities to extend students knowledge on this topic from how to pack a waste-less lunch to getting the dirt on composting. Trash Talk is another great section of this website, here you will find inspiring and real stories of Garbology in practice.

It is very easy to use Garbology, students first sort out trash according to the bin it belongs to. There are actually four bins and whenever the students' selections are correct then an animated explanation is followed shedding more light on the whys of this selection.

Garbology is really a great resource for teachers to use with their students. I highly recommend it and since the 22nd of this month is the Earth Day then stay tuned for more coming resources about this topic.

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