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Calibre Easily Converts eBooks Format to The One you Want

Calibre is a great website that allows users to convert  the format of an eBook into any other format. The problem with eBooks is the readability and sometimes you take all the trouble of downloading an eBook only to be disappointed when you find out that its format is not supported by your reader.


Calibre is a great solution for eBooks lovers. You do not need to worry any more about whether the format is supported by your reader or not for Calibre supports almost all kinds of formats and you can check the cpmrehensive list here.

Some features of Calibre

Here is a list of the main features that Calibre offers to its users:

  • It lets you convert eBooks from one format to another
  • It can sync with a folder on your computer to automatically load books into the program
  • It can also sync with other eBooks readers
  • You can add tags to your books
  • It lets you manage your library and collections in the best way possible
  • It has a built-in eBook reader

Head over to Calibre and give it a try.

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