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The 21st Century Teaching and Learning Skills for Teachers and Students

We have just finsihed working on our fourth ebook this year. The 21st  Century Skills Teachers and Students Need is inspired by the popular post under the same title here in this blog.Since its publication last year, thousands of people have been reading it and so we decided to make an elaborate ebook where we can provide more information on this topic.

21st century education

As is the habit with each new ebook we publish, here is part of the introduction and you can scroll down to download and read the entire ebook.

 ......Digital era, information age, knowledge era are new  terms that we start hearing recently because of this digital boom. We live in a digital world where computers, tablets and mobile devices are predominant. If you are under the age of 31 you grew up surrounded by digital media. Our students  are digital natives . They don’t know anything else, this is their lifestyle. They also know that they are different from” digital  immigrants” who are those people who learned to “ do technology” later in life. There is even a growing digital divide between students and some of their old fashioned teachers who are still resisting the change. This results in an unhealthy learning environment that has severe repercussions on the entire learning and teaching process. This is exactly where this ebook fits in. It tries  to help in bridging the gap between teachers and students via providing some tips and ideas that might help teachers and students hone in their differences and work hand in hand in the development of our schooling......."

Here is the table of content of this ebook to let you have an idea of what to expect to read.

table of  content

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Here is the ebook

The 21st Century Skills Teachers and Students Need to Have -

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