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11 Free Tools to Teach Human Anatomy in 3D

Finding free interactive resources to teach about the human body is not an easy task. I have received several emails from some teachers asking for websites they can use to teach about the human body parts and its anatomy. I am sorry  that I am late a little bit but I have been really really busy .

The following links below are what you will need to share with your students and let them enjoy the huamn body through interactive imaging, games, exercises and more. Enjoy.

Build-a Body:

build a body

This is a great website that allows students to build the human body using interactive elements system by system. Each systen has descriptions and provides some facts about diseases. Students will only drag and drop the parts of body such as bones, organs,..ect.

BioDigital Human

biodigital human

 This is a great resource for  anatomy. It lets users view the human body in 3D, hide or remove layers, create custom views and many more.

Medical Animations

medical animations

The university of Pennsylvania Health System has a great website offering medical animations, explanations of several medical problems, resources on anatomy, physiology, and the human body.



This is a webite where students can learn about human anatomy and physiology. It provides charts, diagrams, animations, graphics,descriptions and many more.

Zygote Body

This is the the substitue of Google Body. After Google decided to shut down Google Lab and with it Google Body, Zygote which is the company that developed it for Google has brought it back under Zygote Body. This website allows users to  explore human body in details using 3D images.

Virtual Eye Dissection and Eye Anatomy


As its name suggests, this website lets users view photos from an actual eye dissection, and perform virtual dissection on the eye. It is great for students.

Healthline Body Maps


This is an awesome website where students can learn about the different parts of the human body. Just mouse over any part of the body to get more info about it. You can also peel away layers of the body to look at different levels.

Visible Body

visible body

This one here allows you to view the huamn body in 3D. You can add or subtract different systems, rotate, zoom in and out and many more.

Anatomy Arcade

anatomy arcade

This is an interactive website that helps users learn about the human anatomy. It provides videos, flash games and interactives.



This is a great site from the university of Texas at Austin and that offers interactive skeletal  anatomy of human and non-human primates.

Open Heart Surgery Simulation

open heart

This is a cool website. You can play the role of a surgeon  performing a Coronary Artery Bypass surgery.. The process is very simple and in each step, you are provided instructions to help you work.

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