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10 Must Have Bookmarklets for Teachers

Today I will be talking to you a little bit about Bookmarklets and how we can use them for educational purposes. First off, a bookmarklet is " a sort of small applet that is stored as URL of a bookmark in a web browser. This applet can provide as much functionality as a standard browser plugin provides." Think about them like add-ons and extensions that we install on our browsers.

What is great about bookmarklets is that they are less resource-intensive meaning that they do not eat up your computer resources such as processing power, and memory as plugins do. They also provide a variety of functionalities from translating to socialising.

Bookmarklets are also cross- browser and work on  all kinds of browser versions even the newest ones. They are very easy to install and use, just click on any link, hold down your mouse button and drag and drop.

There are in fact several useful bookmarklets that teachers and students can use. Some of these bookmarklets are listed below. Just keep in mind that most of the social networking websites have thier own bookmarklet that you can drag and drop into your toolbar. So if you use a certain service on a daily basis, then you better search for its bookmarklet that might be provided in their homepage.

Here are some examples of interesting bookmarklets that I personally use on my browser:

1- Pin it

This is fo Pinterest. All it takes is a single click to pin an article.


This is for Scoopit , the content curation service, if you are a Scoopit member then install it on your browser.

3- Short URL
This one here shortens long URLs using the Bitly service.

4- Capture Screenshot

You can use this to capture screenshots of the web page you are browsing and upload it to Flickr, Evernot and other services. ( when you click on this link scroll down to the bottom to find the bookmarklet to drag).

5- Google Site Search
This one here allows you to search any website for the content it has regardless of whether it has a search facility or not.

6- Readability
This bookmarklet will change your online reading experience for good and I mean it. It lets you change the layout of a page in ebook or newspaper format. You can also select a better background with more formatting options for text.

7- BugMeNot
As its name suggests this bookmarklet is used to log in to websites that entail having an account with them before reading their content. You do not have to open your account with any website you read and BugMeNot will take care of that. It provides a username and password to use straight.

8- Download PDF

This one allows you to download a whole web page into a PDF to embed in your email or print out.

9- Gmail This

Use this one to send emails containing text you selected in a paragraph somewhere in a webpage. ( when you click on this link scroll down to the bottom to find the bookmarklet to drag do not click on the button that says download bookmarklet instead click on the button that say Gmail This and drag it.)

10-PrintWhat You Like

This one helps you format web pages the way you like to choose the size you want to use for printing.

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