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Tips on How to Conduct a Focused Research ( Interactive map )

Conducting focused and efficient research is one of the biggest hurdles for students. It is a complicated processe or at least this is how they look at it while in fact there are some techniques that  it an enjoyable experience. As teachers, the onus of responsibility is on our shoulders to show to our students the right ways to conduct researhces. The folks at the Kentucky Virtual Library know this very well and that is why they have provided a handy interactive map of the research process for students.

How To Do Research is the title of this map. This is supposed to walk students through the different steps of a research and is not focused only on web research but also includes tips about using library catalogs, books, and magazines.

Let me show you the screenshots of the four  search processes included in How To Do Research.. Just bear in mind that when you use this map you make sure you keep hovering your mouse over words and boxes because most of them are clickbale and lead to extra interesting information.

1- First step : Plan the project

2-Second step: Search for information

3- Third step: Take notes

4- Fourth step: Use the information

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