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Great Free Educational Kids-safe Websites ( Free ebook )

I have just published a new ebook that I want to share with you here.  The ebook provides free kids-safe websites where kids can better learn via the use of engaging and interactive set of activities and materials. Let me share with you the introduction and you can download the ebook below.

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 " Internet is a huge repository of all kind of materials including educational resources that can help our kids learn better. Looking for the right websites, however, is where the shoe pinches. You can not just jump into Google search engine and start collecting learning materials. This is not as easy as it sounds and if you do not believe it then give it a shot and try to search for some kids websites and you will see the big amount of ‘junk’ links you would get back. It does take so much time,energy and some smart search techniques to get the best out of your query. And because not everyone is adept in internet search art then we have done the job for you.
We are not experts in search engine wizardry but we do have some modest knowledge about it and which we have shared with you in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning particularly in the section labeled Free Google Tools.
 Over the last couple of weeks, I and a couple of other teachers have been digging into several online resources and checking hundreds of websites to come up with a collection of kids-safe websites that we can recommend for you here.
While the links that you will find here have all been reviewed and are confirmed to respect the kids safety guidelines and while  we confirm the suitability of the contents of these websites for young children, it is highly  recommended that any time children spend on the Internet be supervised by an adult.

 The purpose behind this work is to help parents and teachers get a free and easy access to some great websites where kids can securely learn and develop cognitively.
To access any website cited here just click on its due title. "

To download the ebook as a pdf click here

To embed this ebook in your website or blog use the follwing embed link: Just copy and paste it where you want it to appear.

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Here is the ebook in Issuu

Here is the same ebook in DocStoc

Free Kids-Friendly Websites -

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