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Facts Educators Need to Know about Wikipedia

It has been very saddening news to know that Britannica has decided to halt the  presses and go out of print. A whole generation has grown up feeding off what this awesome encyclopaedia has to offer them. I personally still remember many of the articles I got from its library. Users have developed such a loving relationship with Britannica that it becomes part and parcel of their intellectual life. We do understand the constraints of this new digital age and how knowledge became so pervasive, unlimited and  free. This is just a part of the reason but the bullet of mercy that killed the printed version of Britannica came from a ferocious competitor called Wikipedia.


I have already talked about how Wikipedia contributed to the demise of Britannica in an earlier post entitled Wikipedia Vs Britannica,anyway today I am sharing with you a great infographic on how Wikipedia has revolutionized research and how it has become a reliable fountain of knowledge. 

Read and share the knowledge.


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