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The Entire Guide to Google Search Features for Teachers and Students


The Entire Guide to  Google Search Features for Teachers and Students is the third ebook I am publishing here exclusively for Educational Technology and Mobile Learning readers. After the success of  80 Alternatives to YouTube and The Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Tools in Education, I am expecting my readers to find this guide of the same importance if not more. Here is an excerpt from its introduction  :

"As educators Google is the backbone of our online activities. Think of how many times you use it to perform a search whenever you are looking for something. Besides  using it for search queries , it is also used as a dictionary, unit and currency converter,

calculator, zip code finder and many more. It is great we have all these options all accessible  from a single platform but do all teachers and students know how to use these and other  features Google has to offer them? Well probably some of you are already familiar with many features in this guide but the majority of our students do not. It is our responsibility to teach them the search skills they will definitely need to survive in the 21st century digital world. Isn’t schooling goal revolves around preparing our students  for tomorrow’s jobs ?........"

Here are the links to the ebook

Click here to read it in full screen mode or download it below

The Entire Google Search Features for Teachers and Students

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