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The Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Tools for Teachers and Students

Google has some of the best free educational resources for teachers and students. I am one of the biggest fans of some of his services such as Google plus, YouTube, Bogger, Google docs and many more. The question is do all teachers know about how to leverage these services  in education ? Unfortunately not all of them do. Many still relate Google to a sole web engine where you can perform a search query. Yes Google started as a search engine but developed into a multi-task platform offering all the possible services users might think of while browsing the web.

Given the huge importance of Google services in education and the pressing need for us as teachers and for our students as learners to get to know and use these tools, I have compiled a thorough guide containing all the Google tools that we can use in education. I have been working on this guide for sometime now and it took me several days to check what some edu-bloggers have written about this topic because I do not want to repeat what others have already said. I am thinking I came up with a unique guide in that it is video based more than text based. For every single service I included I provide a video tutorial showing how to use it. The purpose is to get as many students to use it as possible. I know students attention when it comes to a lengthy guide full of paragraphs would very easily be distracted and chances are they would not read it all. This is why I included videos to spur them to discover all the tools.

Here is a List of the Google services I have included in this guide: ( Scroll down to read and download  the guide )

1- How to create a Google Account
2- Getting to Know Gmail

  •     Getting to know Gmail settings 
  •     How to use Gmail email basics 
  •     How to use Gmail Labels
  •     How to create Gmail Filters
  •     How to attach files to an email
  •     How to use Gmail search

3- Google Calendar

  • How to create an event in Google Calendar
  • How to share your calendar with specific people
  • How to share your public calendar on a web page
  • How to embed your calendar in your websites

4- Google Documents

  • How to use Spreadsheets
  • How to use Forms
  • How to create and use tables
  • How to make a drawing 
  • How to create a presentation
  • How to create a document
  • How to create self-graded quizzes

5- iGoogle

6- Google Reader

7- Google Earth

  • How to record a narrated tour
  • How to put pictures into Google Earth place-marks
  • How to put videos into Google Earth place-marks
  • How to mark locations in Google earth
  • How to use Google Earth street view

8- Google Sketchup

  • Sketchup: Concepts
  • How to draw shapes
  • How to modify tools
  • How to create a chair ( as an example of sketchup )
  • Creating Sketchup models for Google Earth

9- Google Chrome

  • Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions for educators
10- Picassa : How to use Picassa

11- Blogger
  • How to create a blog
  • How to get a custom domain name for your blog
  • How to post to your blog from your mobile phone

12- Google Voice
  • Voice mail transcription
  • Number Porting
  • SMS to email
  • How to make conference calls
  • How to make calls from your computer
13- Google Search Tips
  • Google Search Tips You Must Know
  • Series of Google Search Tutorials
  • Useful Tips on How to Use Google Search
  • 3 Effective Ways to Search The web 
  • Great Infographic on Google Search tips
  • Google related search results
  • Google Custom Search

15- Google Books
16- Google Scholar
17- Google News
18- Google Squared
19- Google Sites
20- Google Alerts
21- Google Groups
21- Google Apps Education
21- Google Takeout
23- Google Accessibility
24-Google Play
25-Google Chrome

Feel free to share this presentation  for non-commercial purposes. Here its link in case you want to see it in webpage format.

Here is a link for to download this presentation if you cant do it from the presentation. Click here

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