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80 Educational Alternatives to YouTube

Kids learn best when they see how things work, when, where and why they happen. Watching educational videos is a great way to learn because it allows kids to build a visual picture or model in their mind. The visual dimension not only helps them understand concepts better but also stimulates curiosity and encourages self-training.

Educational video are possbily one of the most effective learning tools, and honestly, even most grown-ups will find them enriching and entertaining. But what if the only video resource you use is YouTube and you can not access it in your school or classroom. Are there any alternatives ? Yes there are more  eighty alternatives to YouTube that you can use with your students. These video resources are among the best online. We have spent so much reviwing every single one and therefore we confirm their suitablity to education.

After the two successful ebooks : The Comprehensive Guide to Google Free Tools for Teachers and Students, and  Great Educational  Kids Safe Websites , here is our third publication under the title ``80 Alternatives to YouTube `` This eBook is supposed to empower educators and teachers with reliable video resources where they can find multemedia materials to use with their students when YouTube is not available. No more depending on only YouTube to get videos for your lesson plans and as the saying goes ` don't put all your eggs in one basket` because if you do then you are running the risk of loosing all at once. Feel free to share, download and use the ebook as you like provided you keep the credit and not charge people for it. Just make sure you click on any title to access the tool.

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Here is the Issuu version of the eBook

Here is the Docstoc version of the same ebook.
eighty Alternatives to YouTube

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