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12 Great Dictionary Extensions For Chrome

I am one of the huge fans of Chrome browser. I have reasons why I opt for this browser and not for others particularly Firefox or Opera. I have both used them before but never was satisfied with their performance. I have already written a a post about The Reasons Why I Use Chrome but still truth to be told, Chrome gets on my nerve because it sometimes would crush on me I know I overload it with too many tabs opened in one session but hopefully it is not the case with you.

I would still recommend it for teachers and educators.Anyway if you already use it or are going to then here are some great dictionary extensions you can install in it. These add-ons are supposed to help you instantly define words you come across while reading online. Some of them lets you just highlight the word and click on it to get a pop-up window with the definition of the word. Just be careful once you get used to them, you will be dependant on them so much to the point that when you are browsing the net from another computer you would feel like something is missing. That's what happens to me every time I am working on the school's computers.

Read this article if you want to  learn how to use Chrome extensions.

Here is the list:

1- Auto Translate

This extension allows you to translate words, and sntence by just selecting them. It is powered by Google Translate technologies.

2- Bubble Translate

Translate a selection of text inside any website and view the result without leaving the page.

3-  Chrome Dictionary Lite

Powered by Google Translate, Chrome Dictionary Lite lets you to translate the words on your current page.

4- Context Menu Button for Google Dictionary

This extension  adds a Google Dictionary button to the context menu when you select a word and right-click.

 5- Dictionary Lookup 

allows you to look up definitions (from Wiktionary) of words and phrases (English only) in a clean inline box.

6- DictionaryTip

Just  double-click on a word and get its meaning, and you can also select the word and press the shortcuts to see the definitions.

7-  Google Dictionary

This  is available for you to translate foreign words of 11 languages (such as Chinese, English, Italian, etc.) to your language of choice.

8-  Inline Search & Lookup 

This extension gets definitions from search engines (such as Google), online dictionaries (such as Wiktionary) or encyclopedias (such as Wikipedia), and you can also add your own sources.

9-  MultiLookup

it  is available for you to look up words in Google (English) Dictionary and/or Google Realtime Search

10- Dynamic Language Tools 

This is a Google Chrome Extension which can translate entire webpages to your own language or language of your choice.

11- Right Click and Translate

This  is a free Google Chrome Extension which can translate texts on web pages. Right Click and Translate extension is easy to use. 

12- Google Translate

Google Translate can translate whole Web Pages into your own language or language of your choice which one simple click

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