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Audacity :a practical free tool for recording and editing sounds

Audacity is a free audio web2.0 tool . It is an open software for recording and editing sounds . Audacity is available for most of the operating systems such as Windows ,Mac OSX, GNU, and Lunux . This is great application that is completely free and very helpful as far as education is concerned .

Some features of Audacity

Here is a list of the most important features that Audacity offers to its users . Most of these features are listed in Audacity wiki .
  • It is completely free
  • It requires a quick download
  • It allows you to record sound and edit it as you like
  • It lets you record up to 16 channels at once
  • It allows you import and export most of the supported audio files
  • It lets you mix an unlimited number of sound tracks
  • It also allows you to save your sound or audio clip to share it with others
check the full list of features that audacity offers

How can i get started using Audacity ?

Head over to Audacity main page and
For MAC users :
1. Inside your Applications folder, create a folder called "Audacity"
2. Double-click the downloaded .dmg to mount it
3. Option-drag the whole of the .dmg contents (not the .dmg itself) into the "Audacity" folder you created
4. Double-click inside the Applications folder to launch it
For Windows users :
1. Simply click on the Link
2. Select the directory for your download
3. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded .exe file
4. The setup will run, and Audacity will be installed on your computer.