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cute pdf WRITeR : convert easily your documents into pdfs

Since 1993 when Adobe Systems launched the PDF format , this latter has become number one universal format worldwide . Many people are opting for PDF documents than ever before  and educators too are using them on a wider range . Given the importance of this format and how helpful it is in education i decided to include this post which is a tutorial on how to use Cute PDF Writer  to turn any document into PDF one .
Before we dive into the video tutorial on how to create a PDF document let me just brief you on the most important features and advantages of PDF documents as explained in Abby Randal in his article : Why to Convert Word to PDF: 10 Advantages of PDF Files
PDF documents are :

  • Compatible with most of the operating systems such azs Windows, Mac , Lunex , and even modern mobile phones and PDA’s
  • Compact and small : you can merge multiple spreadsheets , word documents, photos …etc into one single and compact PDF document
  • They can be created using a PDF Creator from any source document or application
  • They are  securable and has an encrypted protection system that prevents people from modifying your docs
  • They are supported by many software viewers for free .
  • Viewable withing most browsers
  • They meet legal documents requirements
  • Compatible with modern portable reader systems .

How can get started using Cute PDF Writer ?

Log on to Cute PDF Writer main page and click on on free download on your left hand .
Download the file and execute it . It is very simple and quick .

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