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Quicklyst : The teacher’s dream tool

Quicklyst is a very great web2.0 tool. It is a note taking application that has an outline-style text box . It was created by Shantanu to facilitate taking and reviewing notes. Quicklyst provides you with a quick and instant access to some famous internet resources namely Wikipedia and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is free and very simple and above all no login or registrations are required  to get started using it .

Quicklyst can be downloaded , printed ,or delivered to kindle devices . You can now organize your notes into study guides or even put them into a study queue . It also allows its users to search their notes for any specific topic or subject . Its advanced search tool based on the DuckDuckGo search engine lets you type just a question mark followed by the terms you are looking for then the best results from the web will be displayed on your notes .To define a word ,you just type a colon followed by the word you want to define and upon hitting enter the Merriam-Webster will automatically generate the definition .

How can I get started using Quicklyst ?

First log on to Quicklyst main page
Remember you do not need to register to create a note but to save your notes you need to have a username and a password which takes less than a minute to do .Once you are at the main page you click on “start now for free” button

There are two text boxes ,click on the first one to enter the title for your notes . Then you click on the area underneath the title box to start taking the notes . To add a new line to your notes just click on the “enter” key on your keyboard. If you want to create an outline just use the tab and shift+tab , you can also use the up/down arrow keys to navigate between your different bulet points.
Once you finish writing your notes , you either save it to your study queue or to the rest of your notes

To edit , view or delete your notes you need to click on “ all notes” button in the menu , a list of your notes will be displayed , just hover over a note and select from the icons what you want to do .
To learn more about Quicklyst you can read the Quicklyst Guide