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Phile ; a great crowdsourcing tool for educators

Phile is a very important web2.0 toolPhile ,as defined by its founders, is “ a service that lets groups work together to create an online guide to the things they love. Whether you are into gardening , horror movies, or rock climbing, Phile lets you get together with like minded people to turn your knowledge and opinions into your own lively and useful website.”

What are the distinctive features of Phile ?

These are some of the features that make Phile one of the best web2.0 applications to opt for when creating a site about shared passionate topics. Phile lets you
  • Structure your site to gather exactly the information that matters to your community.
  • Phile keeps your site organized as people add to it .
  • Phile adds to your site a social touch through using conversations and information sharing
  • Information in a Phile site is organized into stacks and every stack is about a single topic
  • Phile also provides you with forums for free form discussion
  • Phile allows you to export all data from their site at any time to use in other platforms
  • Phile is in beta period now and is completely free , however , there is a paid version with additional functionalities
If you want to learn more about Phile you can visit their About page