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Audioboo : Your audio alternative in education

Audioboo is a very sophisticated platform for recording and sharing audio files and clips , a very important podcasting tool for teachers.It is very simple to use and doesn’t  call for any special computer training .

General tips about audioboo

Here are some tips you need to keep in your mind before you start using audioboo:
  1. Audioboo can be used both on pc and mobile devices like: iphone and android.
  2. It is audio-only format to which picture , titles and headlines can be added
  3. Audio recordings are limited to five minutes
  4. Boos can be shared in social networks like twitter and facebook
  5. You can embed a boo in your site/blog using the audio boo widget

How can I start using audioboo ?

First , go to

Click on sign up on the right hand corner .You can either sign in with your twitter account or create your audioboo account.

Once you are logged in you can start recording your boo . To do so, click on “my profile” tab then click on “new recording” button

Audioboo is also a social network .It allows you to build an online community of friends, you can follow people , send messages and start discussions either in private or publicly.
To see boos of other users click on the “ browse “tab and you can select from the categories provided

To be able to share your boos just click on the “settings” button and choose the social platform to which you want to send your boo. Five social sites are provide : Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, friend Feed and Tumblr.