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The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have

Technology advancements have touched every facet of life including education. This latter  has been radically transformed and teachers who do not use social media and educational technology in their teaching no longer fit in the new system.That’s why every educator and teacher should reconsider certain values and principles .

Today I am sharing with you   two short videos that will hopefully change what some think about teaching. The following videos are among the top educative videos online .

 Watch this first one minute 40 seconds video to see the negative side of some teachers.

Negative version of when i become a teacher

So if you want to fit in the system and develop professionally then this is how to do it . watch this short video to learn more.

positive version of when i become a teacher

Here is a set of recommendations for the 21st century teachers to reconsider in order to adequately prepare today's students for their future:

  • Share and model the use of current Internet tools
  • Participate in professional networks
  • Assist students as they build their learning networks
  • Provide sufficient learning opportunities for students to become digitally literate
  • Inspire every child to be quality digital global citizens.

The 21st century teachers are characterized by certain holistic and student centered features , some of them are summarized below . Gratitude and thanks go back to Andrew Churches who has provided this diagram .

2st century educator

The risk taker :

risk taking

Teachers should not wait for others to take the initiative , they have to be the lead. Show your students that everything can be learnt through risk and initiative taking and sometimes surrender yourself to your  students’ knowledge . They will  definitely love you and trust you even more and  guess what ? This trust is the key to better learning  and engagement.

The Collaborator :

bees collaborating

The central theme in your work should always be collaboration . Incorporate the collaborative tools web2.0 offers .They are free and highly effective. Ning ,Bebo, Myspace, Secondlife, Msn, blogger and wikispaces are but some few examples, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning and several other edublogs will provide you  with the necessary tools to start with.

The model :

the model

Teachers' job is not just instilling information in students minds though instilling is not a proper term to use, but they are also there to give the exemplary model of how the life long learner should be. Students are very much influenced by their teachers' behaviors therefore the 21st century teachers need to model several characteristics such as :
  •     Reflective thinking and practice
  •     Tolerance
  •     Coexistence
  •     Affection, love , tenderness
  •     Love of technology and digital information
  •     Global awareness

The leader :


To better  understand the notion of leadership there is nothing better than  to read an awesome paper created by Thousand and Villasand entitled Managing complex change towards inclusive schooling .

The visionary :

The visionary

Teachers must be imaginative . They need to foresee the potential of the emerging technologies, look into other areas of the curricula and across disciplines, make links that enhance and value learning in other fields to leverage this knowledge and reinforce their teaching and the learning of their students .

The learner :

Learning is a continuous process , a life long commitment to knowledge , teachers should always seek knowledge everywhere using technology . The world is dynamic and the horizons and landscapes are changing so do the teachers’ needs and skills.

The communicator :

the 21st century teacher should be fluent in the use of communication and information technologies ,know how to facilitate, stimulate, control, moderate and manage them.

The adaptor :

Different as they are the modes of learning , teachers should always  make their teaching styles adaptive to :
  • The new curriculum requirements
  • The emerging web2.0 technologies
  • The various age groups and abilities
  • The new dynamic teaching experiences.

    Finally and to  conclude , I have selected for you this great videos . Watch what these leading educational thinkers say about the 21st century skills teachers need to have . Enjoy watching .

    Teacher Education and 21st century skills

    Here is a  an Interesting slide show I want to share with you.


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